Bausch + Lomb PureVision and PureVision2 contact lenses are indicated for therapeutic use. When placed on the cornea for therapeutic use, these lenses act as a bandage to protect the cornea and relieve pain during treatment of ocular pathologies as well as post-surgical conditions.

Applications include, but are not limited to, conditions such as the following:

  • For corneal protection - in conditions such as entropion, trichiasis, tarsal scars, recurrent corneal erosion and post surgical ptosis for corneal protection;
  • For corneal pain relief - in conditions such as bullous keratopathy, epithelial erosion and abrasion, filamentary keratitis, post-keratoplasty;
  • For use as a bandage during the healing process of conditions such as chronic epithelial defects, corneal ulcer, neurotrophic keratitis, neuroparalytic keratitis, chemical burns, and post surgical epithelial defects.
  • For post-surgical conditions that include bandage use such as LASIK, PRK, PK, PTK, lamellar grafts, corneal flaps, and additional corneal surgical conditions.

PureVision and PureVision2 contact lenses for therapeutic use can also provide optical correction during healing, if required.

PureVision and PureVision2 Lenses for Therapeutic Use : Additional information