Large stream of water surrounded by greenery
Large stream of water surrounded by greenery

Recycling Programs

Every Little Bit Counts

From used contact lenses to dry eye relief bottle tops, the small plastics we use in our eye care routines add up.

That’s why we created the first contact lens and eye care recycling programs in the United States—making it possible to properly and easily recycle small eye care items and used contact lens materials.

Together with eye care professionals, patients and consumers we've collected and diverted millions of items from oceans, lakes, streams and landfills.

Illustration of hands holding recyclable lens materials

Recycling Small Eye Care Items

Properly recycle small eye care items—such as bottle tops and lens cases.

Illustration of man and woman recycling used lens materials

Recycling Used Contact Lens Materials

Properly recycle used contact lenses, empty blister packs and separated top foils.