Male doctor giving presentation to colleagues
Male doctor giving presentation to colleagues

Access to Clinical Study Data

Our Policy + Commitment

As a global eye health company, we are committed to supporting our study participants, researchers, and health care providers while advancing the science of care. We will always be transparent about our clinical studies, goals and the data collected. We will never share private or sensitive information about our study participants.

Clinical Study Registration

Sponsored clinical studies are always registered before the study start date or within 21 days after the study start date. Summary results are posted on the same registry(ies).

Phase 2 to Phase 4 studies conducted in the United States

Phase 1 to Phase 4 studies conducted in Europe

Requesting Clinical Study Data

Qualified researchers requesting access to clinical study data can do so after a product has received regulatory approval in the countries where it is licensed to be marketed. They may also request full Clinical Study Reports (CSRs). 

To do so, please submit a detailed research proposal along with a data access request to We will confirm receipt of request via email and provide additional details on what will be required for consideration. Requests are reviewed by a committee of internal advisors and approved or denied based on scientific merit and the goal of advancing public health.

In general, data will be made available for request: 

  • 6 months after the product receives approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the European Medicines Agency
  • 18 months after the trial completion date

There were no requests to review Bausch + Lomb clinical study reports in 2022. (Bausch + Lomb began tracking data-sharing metrics in May 2022 after its initial public offering).