Bausch + Lomb offers a variety of specialty magnifiers and scales.

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Coddington Magnifiers
Correction in the Coddington magnifiers is achieved through the use of a single thick lens with a central groove diaphragm. This provides for sharp, crisp images.
Hastings Triplet Magnifiers

Truly the finest magnifiers Bausch + Lomb has to offer, Hastings Triplet Magnifiers incorporate three separate lenses, bonded together to form a compound lens to provide sharp, very distinct magnified image without distortion.

Classic Metal Eyeglass Loupes
The Classic Metal Eyeglass Loupes set the standard for quality optics many years ago and we are now with major enhancements.
Watchmaker's Loupes
Bausch + Lomb Watchmaker's Loupes and accessories have long been the industry standard. These lightweight magnifiers are available in a complete range of powers.
Hastings Triplet Measuring Magnifiers
The Hastings Triplet Measuring Magnifiers are a valuable tool whenever and wherever precision work is performed.
Lenscope Magnifiers
The Bausch + Lomb Lenscope Magnifier is a precision inspection tool that provides clear, distortion-free images.
Folding Pocket Magnifiers
The Folding Pocket Magnifiers are available in a wide range of powers from 4x to 20x with several styles offering two or three lenses providing varying focal lengths and magnification powers.
Double Lens Magnifier
Originally designed for the exacting work of hand-tooling photo-engraved printing plates, the Double Lens Magnifier provides 3.5X magnification and offers near-universal application in precision work.