Boston ADVANCE Advanced Comfort Formula System is the #1 doctor recommended two-bottle lens care system for GP (gas permeable) lenses. Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution and Boston ADVANCE Cleaner two-step system is easy to use and provide lens wearing comfort.

Step 1 - Boston ADVANCE Cleaner

Boston ADVANCE Cleaner removes debris and deposits from your GP lenses, leaving your lenses clean, clear, and ready for Step 2 - disinfection and conditioning. Boston ADVANCE Cleaner is visibly tinted for faster rising. The RED TIP on the cleaner bottle indicates that the cleaner is not to be put in the eye.   

Step 2 - Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution

Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution dual disinfecting system delivers excellent protection against harmful microorganisms. Includes a patented cushioning system to soothe your eyes and provide lens wearing comfort.

Directions for use:

Step 1 - Boston ADVANCE Cleaner:

  1. Wash hands with mild soap.

  2. Rub both sides of the lenses carefully with two to four (4) drops of Boston ADVANCE Cleaner in the palm of your hand for twenty (20) seconds.

  3. Remove all traces of the cleaner by thoroughly rinsing with fresh tap water.

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Step 2 - Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution:

  1. After cleaning with Boston ADVANCE Cleaner and rinsing thoroughly with fresh tap water (Step 1), place lenses in empty lens case and fill to top of ridges with fresh Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution. Soak lenses for at least four (4) hours (or overnight) before wearing. Always use fresh solution for soaking and storing lenses.

  2. Wash your hands with mild soap. (Caution - pump soaps may contain oil-based suspension agents.)

  3. Remove lenses from the lens case, apply fresh Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution to wet the lenses for additional cushioning, if desired, and insert.

  4. Thoroughly clean interior of lens case with hot water and air dry after each use.

Note: Discard Boston ADVANCE Cleaner and Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solutions ninety (90) days after opening. Record date opened in space provided on bottle labels. When used daily, Boston ADVANCE Cleaner and Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solutions will be depleted before ninety (90) days.

For weekly protein removal, use Boston One Step liquid Enzymatic Cleaner.

Lens cases should be replaced frequently to avoid potential microbial contamination and ocular irritation.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Boston ADVANCE Cleaner improves wearing comfort by removing lipids and proteins.
  • Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution coats and cushions lenses for more comfortable insertion and wear.

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